Manchester Wedding Photographer

Meetings and Consultations as part of my Wedding Packages

Today I had the pleasure to meet on Zoom Chris and Sandra who will get married at stunning Combermere Abbey in about 1 month time. The venue is a dream for any wedding photographer or videographer and I’m looking forward to create some beautiful photos for them.

Why I include these meetings/consultations to any package I advertise? Well, it’s because I believe in the relationship couple-photographer and it’s clear, the more we communicate the better the results.

What exactly I’m looking to find out at these meetings? It’s simple. Whatever the couple is looking to get after their wedding in terms of photos and films. I listen and I deliver exactly what they’re expecting. This is quite simple, I know, but there is no other secret.

Will get to see them again soon for some pre-wedding shoots at their chosen venue and I can’t wait to capture another unique wedding.