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Wedding Albums FREE in person delivery in Manchester

Today I’ve delivered another beautiful wedding album for a couple I photographed a while ago. I decided to use the local Post Office to cut a bit the cost as it’s a bit outside of my usual Manchester working area (an Ossett based couple I appreciate a lot).

The delivery is included or how I like to call it FREE, regardless of the location where you live. The only difference is that for the Manchester weddings I tend to deliver in person (it’s just a great way to get to see you again). Everything what is outside a 20 miles range from M30 I’ll just post with a tracking number and collect the feedback once you received the parcel.

Wedding Albums free delivery in Manchester

Also, if you’re undecided about a wedding album let me tell you what I believe. Well, this piece of paper with a shiny cover will actually be the only thing you’ll be left with in 20 years time. Don’t believe me? Think a bit, how long do you think these USB’s will survive (remember the floppy disks, dvd drives – oh, do you still have a DVD reader in your house?).

These albums play a very important part in my business and if you don’t believe, same as me, that these are the only legacy you’ll have after your wedding then we’re probably not compatible =)

There are options to go digital and add-on a wedding album later at a more convenient time, everything I’ve created in terms of packages will make sense if you dig enough on the website.

All right, back to editing my Larkspur Lodge wedding!