Alin Turcanu Manchester Wedding Photographer

It all started with a sketch!

Welcome to my personal website. I’m looking forward to share a lot of stuff I found while shooting weddings and how challenging this journey has been.

You may ask from where I came up with this poorly composed logo. Well, it’s been a mistake or at least I have to call it like that. Seen a kid drawing and sketching all kind of dinosaurs (or at least this is how he called them) and asked him to design a logo for me.

The mission was accepted in a second and the job was done even faster. And yes, I ended up with this “disabled logo” I kind of like, not because of the art itself, but because it has a lot of meaning. It’s been created by a kid, mine actually, and I have to appreciate the effort.

Whenever someone is allocating all their attention and focus to create something for you, it will look, feel and stay special, or at least this is what I believe.

It’s the same with my wedding photography approach, it’s all about listening to your plans and delivering the final photographs as expected. It’s just as simple as it sounds. I do have a very close relationship with all my wedding couples and it turned up to be the best thing I could do.