Manchester Wedding Photographer

One of the best natural wedding photographer based in Manchester

Hey! I’m Alin, owner and main shooter at Mooncast Photo & Video, a wedding photographer based in Manchester. I’m committed to natural wedding photography and I have a very relaxed and flexible approach photographing weddings.

Manchester Wedding Photographer

A passion for creating memories in Manchester and beyond

From my first wedding, work has snowballed. I photographed 15 weddings in Manchester in my first year, investing every penny back into the business upgrading my equipment and ended up being a great support for all the couples. Further, it has been an amazing achievement for myself and my family.

Manchester Wedding Photographer

Talking about me is just hard xx

Firstly, I’m not just a wedding photographer, I’m a husband and a father of a handsome 7y old son and a cute 2y old baby girl. I’m based in Eccles, Manchester. Whilst most of my work is within a 50 mile radius, I’m happy to travel all around the UK. In fact, I want to make as many couples happy as I can.

Described as a funny guy, I tend to interact with everyone involved at your wedding. With this in mind, at the end of the day, your grandma will probably be my new best friend.

Alin Turcanu wedding photographer Manchester
Manchester Wedding Photographer Alin Turcanu

Unique approach to wedding photography

  • it’s YOUR wedding, let’s do things in your way
  • I’ll document everything what happens, authentic, genuine moments
  • No time limits, remove the stress that your photographer will vanish at a certain hour

Sandra Stewart

Manchester 2018

Getting hitched in Manchester? Woohoo!

Big day coming up? You’re getting hitched in Manchester! Congrats! Now hold on tight, there’s gonna be cake, fancy halls, and forks with weird names (seriously, what’s a canapé?). But before you get lost in counting RSVPs, let’s talk about something super duper cool: your wedding photos!

Forget stiff faces and fake smiles! I’m a Manchester photographer who takes pics that are all about the real you. Giggles, secret whispers, dancing like nobody’s watching (even if someone IS watching, no judgment here!).

Think of me like a friendly fly on the wall with a camera. I’ll be there to capture the awesome moments: happy tears during dad’s speech (bless him!), first kiss butterflies, and maybe even a cake fight (just kidding… maybe!).

Unique Wedding Photography Manchester
Manchester Wedding Photography

Natural Wedding Photography

Why choose me? Well, besides my natural feeling of my photos, with real colours and timeless black and white, here’s the deal:

  • Award-winning photos: Yeah, yeah, awards are shiny, but trust me, they mean I know how to take awesome pics that make you look like superstars.
  • Storytelling whiz! Your photos won’t just be pictures, they’ll be a mini-movie of your love story, with bloopers and funny stuff too (don’t worry, those stay secret!).
  • Adventure seeker! Manchester’s my home, but I love to travel. Cheshire, Yorkshire, anywhere your love takes me, I’m in!
  • Family and Friends! Everyone loves hanging out with me, even your grandma (she might even let me borrow her pearls!).

We North Westers gotta stick together, right? So I have special discounts for my fellow Mancunians!

So, ready to ditch the boring pics and capture your Manchester love story in all its messy, beautiful glory? Head over to my website and let’s chat! We’ll talk packages, prices, and maybe even swap funny wedding stories (everyone has one!).

Watch, Read, Enjoy

A documentary wedding photographer by the real name

I’m not planning to pose you to death or to take you away from your guests for ages. It’s your wedding day so the best I can do for you is activate the ninja mode, and focus on capturing real moments as they happen.